About the RC1 Pro: First Pages Challenge: NOW CLOSED category

This week, we welcome Lori Steel, agent at Red Fox Literary as our guest judge of the contest finalists. Please remember that you must review five other entries IN THIS CONTEST CATEGORY before you post your own.


Please review five other entries IN THE CONTEST CATEGORY before you post your own. (The forum software will remind you how many more entries you need to review before you post.)
Only one entry per contest. We have contests scheduled throughout the year! You’ll have lots of opportunities to post additional content.
You may not re-post an entry that won in a previous contest. If your entry was one of the top three in a previous contest, please do not re-post that entry (even if it’s been edited.)
Be honest and kind when you review. We want to create a culture that supports writers, so qualifying reviews include:
*Story score rubric
*Specific, positive feedback
*Highlight a few places that need work


What if I’m one of the very first entries and there aren’t 5 posts to review yet?
If there are fewer than five entries, just review what you can. You’ll be free to post as soon as you’ve done that.

How do I give a review?
The review has two parts. The first is a quick, gut-level 1-5 assessment of the piece. Don’t overthink it, just remember that what’s most helpful is knowing a relative strength and weakness. If it’s mostly level-3 writing, is there any aspect that’s a 4? A 2?

The second part will ask you for two sentences: one that mentions a highlight, and one that mentions something that needs work.

How will you pick the three winners?
First, we’ll check the posts to make sure each poster hasn’t been a troll, and hasn’t copied and pasted the same response.

Then, of the folks that meet those requirements, we’ll choose three people who have the highest overall scores. (If, for some reason, we have several people with the exact same score, we’ll be really surprised. And then we’ll assign them numbers, and pick two randomly.)

You said entries should be 500 words, but I can post 514 (or some other number.)
Right now, we can only limit the number of characters, not words. And we want our sesquipedalian writers to be able to post 500 words, too. So after trial and error, we chose 2900 characters as a good estimate of 500 words. If you can fit in 514 words, go for it.

How many times can I enter?
Only once per challenge. But we’ll be hosting challenges monthly! So you’ll be able to revise based on the feedback you received and post again. (Unless those pages placed you in the top three of a previous challenge. If that’s the case, we ask that you submit new materials. If you really want to post the pages, go for it, but we’ll need to recuse you from having pages sent to our guest judge.)

Formatting Tip!
Check out this video if you’d like a shortcut on how to automatically add breaks between paragraphs.

HI! How do you judge the ratings if someone only gets 1 rating vs 20?

Hi Jennifer! We have readers who come in and provide feedback so that each entry has a certain number of reviews.